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  • As a purchasing agent for the United States Government, I can't begin to tell you how extremely pleased we are. Whether purchase 126,000 blinds in a single order are following up with 1,150 to a 23 blind order, your company provides the most professional services. The products are always as ordered and typically ahead of schedule. We always look forward to working with your company. - by Barbara M., Shaw Infrastructures
  • As a professional commercial pilot, I have been extremely impressed with your attention to detail. Your staff has saved me from errors on my part on two different occasions. We have just completed our third full house order in less than 7 years. - by Capt. Nelson, Delta Airlines
  • Products as you need them, when you need them, with no problems! - by Jerry, Internet Guy
  • You have done it again! This is our 87th order - by Hamilton, Benchmark Builders
  • Our real estate agent recommended your company. You have been everything that she said, completely turn-key. The products work flawless and exceed the development criteria. All we know is that they are beautiful and our warranties and paid receipt were laying on the breakfast bar. The other public service companies need to take lessons from you. We are left to think, who were those masked men anyway - by Tom & Gina, Birmingham, Al
  • Mom and Dad really love the new blinds. Boy were they surprised when they returned from vacation! - by Darrell, your UPS guy
  • Our first two orders were near your corporate office and we were very pleased with the products and service. Since moving to New Hampshire, we have placed four more orders and each of my sisters have placed orders as well. One was in Texas and the other was in South Dakota. We are one of those customers that you seldom hear from because our orders just pop up and are filled without a flaw. It is nice to have a company that you feel good about recommending to friends and family. - by Harrison, Salem, NH
  • The blinds and shades that you recommended were a perfect gift. When our daughter returned from her honeymoon, she had trouble believing that we got everything for the price we paid. She still has trouble believing that we pulled this off without her finding out about it! - by Susan Farrish, Panama City, FL
  • It is hard to believe that we ordered 23 faux wood blinds at 9AM and they were delivered by 3PM just in time to be loaded on the moving van for the trip to our new home in New Orleans. We will never forget what you did for us! - by Penny, New Orleans, LA
  • Who would have ever thought that we could buy custom made shutters in Atlanta, Georgia for our home in Conway, Arkansas for $7.00 a square foot less and a 5 week shorter lead time. I am sure glad that I mentioned shutters to my business associate while I was in Atlanta. - by Patrick L., Arkansas
  • I am the owner of several Harley Davidson Motorcycle shops who has done well enough to build a custom designed 10,000 square foot home. I could write a book about all the difficulties and the headaches that I encountered in the process of building my home. I can say that the blinds, shades and shutters for the 198 windows and doors were the easiest part of the total building process. From order to installation, your company made it trouble free. All the products were on time, operate without a flaw and are simply beautiful. If I can hook you up with a Harley, let me know. - by Eddie H., Dallas, GA
  • Your company makes being a contractor a pleasure and I wished I could say that for all the other trades. Our customers are always pleased. You and your staff always provide professional service, great products and timely completion for every project. - by Richard, Perry Homes
  • I sent my wife to buy blinds for our new home. After 2 days and many different stores with either long lines or running around huge stores looking for help, she finally called me at work to explain how it seemed impossible. She explained that she had learned that it took exact dimensions and she had seen so many different products that she was confused. Thank goodness that a co-worker over heard my conversation and told me about your company. From the first call, your representative was at our home, the order was placed and in 3 calendar days the blinds were delivered. A fantastic job and wonderful experience. We will be sure to tell everyone we know! - by Bobby and Susan, Columbus, GA
  • Great price, excellent service, state-of-the-art products, thank goodness we found you! - by Ted & Nancy, Eugene, Oregon
  • You have made my motherís Christmas. The plantation shutters that us kids ordered for her trailer was everything that she has always dreamed of. It is amazing how the frames you provided caused the shutters to fit like they we meant to be. You would think that you had just walked in to a multi-million dollar home! Momís doctors tell us that she may not make it until next Christmas so we are very glad that we ordered when we did. - by Tony, Fit-Rite Muffler
  • We are certainly glad that we mentioned needing something for our motor home when we ordered the Basswood blinds for our new house. The $165,000 motor home was not new but the blinds in it rattled when we went down the road and it was simply driving us insane. The new shades with the day/night feature the you provided were exactly what we needed. Not only are they quite, but, they make it easier to keep it cool inside. We are hoping that you have a solution for the odd shaped windows in our ocean cruiser too. - by George & Kendra, Quik Trip Stores
  • I am not sure if the Fed X guys ran the blind over with a forklift or something else happened but the speed in which it was replaced was simply amazing! Thanks!! - by Anna, Nashville, TN
  • Being a commercial pilot, I sleep most days and fly most nights. Having a dark room during the day is a must for me. We had ordered shades to accomplish this from another source. When we installed the shades, we discovered that they didnít fit snug and leaked a lot of light. On bright sunny days, I just could not get to sleep. We took the loss and called your company. You provided room darkening shades with thicker cells that fit snug with almost no light leak. They actually make our bedroom quieter and insulates better and it cost less than what we previously paid. Thanks a million! - by Capt. Curt, UPS Air Freight
  • We saved when we purchased in Georgia and saved even more when we purchased in Florida. Finally retired! - by Betty M., Ocala, FL
  • Getting rid of those verticals and replacing them with plantation shutters is the best thing we have done. The psycho wing with the East/West window exposures has stood the test of time and patients. In less than one year, we have saved enough in utilities and lack of maintenance expense to completely pay for the shutters. We have budgeted to do the remaining hospital windows over a 2 year span in 7 different phases. Our $28,942.00 deposit check for the next phase is included. - by Tim McDonald, Tanner Hospital
  • Being a first time homeowner, I could not trust myself to get all the details correct in the variety of products my wife and I wanted. Lucky for us, we had purchased a home in one of your local service areas. Michael Busbin, our representative, was at our home right on time within two hours of our call. Michael gave me a free lesson in measuring, showed us the product samples and explained their insulation and privacy values then was out the door in just over an hour with our order in hand. Then came the surprise, our custom dimensioned blinds were installed in 4 days, shades were in 6 days and the shutters were 18 days later. Our neighbors are still waiting on their shutters from another company and they say it will be about a month more. Your guys and girls are worth their weight in Gold. Next time around, we will be able to order and install ourselves. - by Robbie Martin, Senoia, GA
  • As a single parent father of 2 kids ages 9 and 12, moving into a new home was more than anticipated. The phone, cable, gas, and power company had me waiting for days just to get an appointment for service. Neither of them could provide me with a time during the day that their people would be at our home. It was totally different with your company. Your staff make appointments on my schedule, to the minute. They were on time, every time and was completely finished with all the boxes and wrapping paper removed well within the time that was projected. I paid less for quality products than the big stores had quoted and got them in about half the time. You could write a book on customer service! Thanks! - by Eddie Jacob, Jacksonville, NC
  • We are homebuilders who bump into every ěJack-Legî that you can imagine. We first discovered your company when another blind company failed to deliver as promised. Our homeowner was moving in the following day and we had already waited a week. At 8AM in the morning, your company returned our call within 3 minutes, provided a quote in less than 2 hours and the blinds were installed with the trash removed that afternoon. Five years have passed and we are on our 7th subdivision as a team. Thank God for a company like yours! - by Eddie, Hill Top Builders
  • I am sure glad that I listened to my mom. The blinds look wonderful and meet my every need. My neighbors in the other town homes are jealous. - by Susan K, Franklin, TN
  • We own a lake house with a huge vaulted ceiling room and windows that span the area. While we have a beautiful view of the lake we suffer everyday because of the Western exposure and high heat. At your recommendation, we removed the metal mini blinds and installed the 2î real wood plantation blinds. Immediately the view of the lake was clearer, the temperature dropped and so did our electric bill. Since we have every utility bill for the last 23 years, we did a comparison and that change in one room lowered our bill $72.00 a month on average. Now we would like to order the same blinds for the other rooms in our home. The way we figure it, the projected utility savings alone will completely pay for the blinds in less than two years! - by Nathan, Carrollton, Retired Postmaster
  • We purchased a $350,000 home and took quotes from 7 different blind companies. Your company was one of the first and as we come to learn, offered the best products for the money. You did everything that you told us when it was scheduled. The blinds and shutters were a masterpiece. My mother and father and my sister too, ordered for their existing homes to replace treatments that they already had. We are all very pleased. - by David Price and family, Peachtree City, GA
  • I am writing you this letter to explain my recent experience with your Company. The experience with one of your Sales Reps Derek Johnson. Let me start by saying, I have never dealt with anyone with so much integrity. My husband and I both are in management positions, so we know how difficult it is to find a quality employee. The events that transpired are really irrelevant now, as we have our blinds. The amazing thing to us was Derekís honestly and follow-up. He not only called us to keep us updated through the ordeal, he actually stopped by our home to apologize for the delay in person. We were well aware that it was a situation out of your companies control, but he wanted to assure us he was doing everything possible. After 1 month in wait Derek refunded our money, as he didnít want us to have to wait indefinitely. About a month later, Derek followed up with my husband, once again coming in person. After he saw we still had no blinds, he said he would have them installed the next week. We were elated, and thought this must be too good to be true. Not only did he come and personally install them, he was 2 days early. The point we wanted to make was that beyond getting a sale, Derek truly cares about your company and takes pride in his job. He still cared after the money had been refunded, because he is one of the few stand-up people in business. We would recommend him, and will use him for all of our future needs. Sincerely - by Davin & Chelsea Riera, Phenix City, AL
  • We are ready to order again. It is so true that the right window treatments add value to your home and greatly increases the re-sale value. This will be our 4th order in 4 years in a 2 mile radius. We have personally sold each of our other homes in less than a week. We know without a dealt that the window treatments have played a big part since we have only used the best that were recommended. This time around just send someone to the new home to measure and tell us what we need. We donít need to be there and want to pay for the order in full by our credit card. - by Peter and Sara Jones, Douglasville, GA
  • We are very pleased to award your company with the Outstanding Merchants Award for Visa and Master Card member services. You account has been established with us since 1996 and there has never been a back charge or service compliant through either of the card accounts. We are extremely proud to be associated with a company such as yours. - by Citizens and Merchant Bank, Corporate Accounts
  • We have serviced you account with custom made blinds, verticals, shades and shutters since your business began over 10 years ago. Your multi-million dollar account has always been promptly paid. Of the other 33 wholesale accounts for which we provide products, it appears to us that you have more repeat customers with the fewest product issues than any of the other accounts that we serve. We look forward to maintaining our relationship for many years to come. - by Sundown Productions, Inc.
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